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The Madison Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) was chartered on September 14, 1953, as the outgrowth of work which began in June 1947 by Ruth Pilger Andrews, Paul Jones, and others, meeting as the Wisconsin Association of Church Musicians. WACM held annual hymn and choir festivals and organ recitals; its major legacy was the establishment in 1949 of the Louise Fulcher Memorial Library, an extensive catalog of organ and choral music now part of the Fulcher-Scidmore Sacred Music Collection. Housed at the Janesville (WI) Public Library for many years, the collection's current home is at Rock Prairie United Presbyterian Church in Janesville.

In 1984, with the encouragement of Edward Hugdahl of the UW-Extension, the Madison Chapter AGO was reorganized as the Association of Church Musicians, a broad-based group designed to attract church musicians of every interest and at every proficiency level, and to involve churches themselves in their musicians' ongoing education by encouraging church memberships in addition to Chapter AGO dues. More than 200 churches in 58 communities in south-central Wisconsin and northern Illinois have joined the ACM since its inception.

ACM publishes a newsletter called Church Music Notes, maintains a library of audio and video tapes and books, and has a placement and substitute service available to members. Recommended salary guidelines for church musicians, along with sample contracts and standards of business practice, are available in Procedures for Employing Church Musicians, first published in 1982 and revised and updated periodically. The ACM continues in its dual role as the Madison Chapter of the AGO for those interested in AGO activities, and from 1989 - 2016, it was also the umbrella organization for the Madison Chapter of the Choristers Guild.

ACM administers the Ruth Pilger Andrews Fund, an endowed scholarship fund established in recognition of one of the Madison Chapter's founders.

Paul G. Jones1947-1948
Matthias R. Cooper1948-1949
Miriam Belleville1949-1950
Peter Nelson1950-1951
Bertram Webber1951
Alice Tetlie1951-1952
Matthis R. Cooper1952-1953
Miriam Belleville1953-1954
Paul G. Jones1954-1955
Marion Winans1955-1957
Arlene Wallace1957-1959
Lawrence G. Kelliher1959-1960
Betsy Farlow1960-1962
Norma Bruhn1962-1963
Loui Novak1963-1964
John Wright Harvey1964-1966
Arlyn Fuerst1966-1967
John G. Barr1967-1968
M. William Gervais1968-1969
William C. Mueller1969-1972
Steve Ackert1972-1974
Hope Koski1974-1976
Clara Cox Fountain1976-1978
Theodore Reinke1978-1979
Bruce Bengtson1980-1981
Marlys Mittelstadt1981-1982
Max H. Yount1982-1983
Eva Wright1983-1985
Eva Wright1984-1985
Mary Kurtz Monkmeyer1985-1987
Linda Krueger1987-1990
Linda Morgan Stowe1990-1992
Glenn Schuster1992-1994
Richard Horn, CAGO1994-1997
Bruce Bengtson1997-1999
John Chappell Stowe, AAGO ChM1999-2000
Mark Johnson2000-2002
Don DeBruin2002-2003
Jane Peterson Ganz2003-2004
Ken Sosinski2004-2005
Mark Bloedow2005-2007
John Krueger2007-2009
Mark Brampton Smith2009-2010
Jonathan Orwig2010-2011
Bruce Bengtson2011-2012
Sigrun Franzen2012-2013
Aristotle Esguerra2013-2014
Patrick Gorman2014-2015
Deborah Krauss Smith2015-2017
Naomi Matthees2017-2019
Robert Eversman2019-2020
Deborah Krauss Smith2020 -